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Candle Care

General Candle & Wick Care

When you decide to light a candle for the first time you need to make sure the wax pool reaches all the way to the edges of the candle container. If you don’t then your candle will have a tendency to form what is known as a memory ring. This is where your first burn wax pool formed to and the wax will burn within that and potentially melt down the middle wasting wax. This is called tunnelling. Don't worry if you forget the first time though as you can correct it by letting the candle burn longer the second time to get a deep pool.

The ideal burning time is a maximum of 4 hours.

When the candle is getting low make sure you leave small amount of wax at the bottom. If you don't the candle can get too hot and could weaken the glass.

To reduce the chances of soot when burning please make sure that you snap off the burnt tips of the wicks before you light the candle after it's first time being burnt.

All of our glass and gemstones can be reused and repurposed, all you need to do when you finish burning the candle is to wash it all with a warm soapy water. 

Wet spots/Delamination

As absolute perfectionists we want every candle to get to you looking perfect. But sometimes there is an unavoidable phenomenon called delamination or “wet spots”. It’s where the wax sets at different rates and can slightly separate from the glass. It can be caused by ambient room temperature, cold glass or a whole host of other reasons. It can also happen at any time. A candle can be sitting in a cold delivery office and even if it was faultless when we packed it delamination can still happen in transit or even in your own home.

The good news is that it doesn’t make a difference to the way the candle performs or smells and often they can disappear as quickly as they appeared. We embrace them as an organic part of candle making and have learned to love them as, like the gemstones, they make every candle unique.