Roasted Chestnut Limited Edition Autumn

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This candle will take you back to autumn and winter shopping trips when you catch the wonderfully nutty but not too sweet scent of chestnuts roasting on open fires on the breeze. Fill your home with this incredible seasonal scent.

Hand decorated with a combination of smokey quartz, citrine and carnelian.

Candle care

To ensure that your candle burns beautifully the first time you light it let it burn until the wax pool covers the entire surface of the candle. This will stop it tunnelling and wasting wax.

It's also a good idea to break off the top of the wick before you light it to give it a cleaner burn.

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Great value for money, lovely scent and beautiful decoration.

Laura Higgins

We love candles in our home but my Gem Scents candle is too pretty to burn. I will definately be buying more.

Martha Wilson

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