Our Story

Gem Scents Candles are made by hand from start to finish in the founders home workshop in the UK. From the outset the unique smells bring calmness and tranquillity and their wholly sustainable and vegan friendly formula took the UK market by storm and sold out their initial run in a matter of weeks.

The story begins in a beautiful market town in England in 2020 where Laura Turner began the Gem Scents brand. It was an immediate success only limited by cash flow to fund the huge potential growth. Laura’s husband, Ross, reached out to international entrepreneur Bally Singh and his wife Ana Santos for advice on growing the brand and acquiring funding. Ross and Laura sent a selection of their candles to Bally and Ana which they immediately fell in love with. Ana bought some of the candles for her friends and family and her and Laura quickly formed a strong friendship. Then, early this year, the two female entrepreneurs decided to partner in taking the brand global. At the same time the new partners also brought another third powerful female in the form of entrepreneur and philanthropist Maria Bravo and together they set off on what is set to be an amazing journey.

Ana Santos brings her creative and marketing experience, Laura her unique style and way of making these amazing handmade products and Maria Bravo with a wealth of global business and celebrity connections.

We look forward to you joining us on this incredible journey.